Advanced Class:

Prerequisite - at least one other class

Use of other techniques with paversand, art stone, Stockinette, relief decoration or transparent paverpol to create a unique piece.

Bring a roll of tin foil

​Coloured natural material you may wish to use on your figure

Your lunch

Time 10;00-4;00

Cost  $110

Garden Lady Sculpture

Pre requisite-  must have completed at least introductory class.

Bring a 100% cotton sheet

Roll of tin foil

Your lunch

Time  9:00- 4:30 or 5:00

Cost  $195


Introductory class  - Sitting or Standing figure

No experience necessary

T-shirt wrap technique with your choice of  base,  bike, block or stand.

Fairy wings available for an additional $5 charge

Bring a 100 percent white cotton t-shirt with no design or logo.

A roll of tin foil 

Your lunch​

​Time  10:00-4:00

Cost $95


Heron  class

​Pre-requisite:  Introductory class

Bring 2 100% white cotton t-shirts

Roll of tin foil

Your lunch

Time 9:00-4:00

​Cost $195

Intermediate class: -Sitting or standing figure

​Prerequisite - introductory class

Smooth body technique ( wrappers, paverpol and paverplast)

Bring a 100 percent white cotton shirt

​A roll of tin foil

Optional doily or other embellishments for your figure.

Your lunch

Time 10:00-4:00

Cost  $110

NEW CLASS    Sip and sculpt class     3 hours

Fairy houses

This may be held in your home with friends.

Cost  $50

Each person will bring a roll of tin foil and a cotton t-shirt

Also any embellishments they would like with their fairy house. One ornament , elf or fence etc is provided as well as stones and moss.  No plants are on this but it may be put in a larger pot with plants once home.    Suitable for outside.

Please contact me if you would like a class. 

Handcrafted Quality

Go Figure Paverpol Designs

Sip and Sculpt Party

​How would you like to have a few friends over to enjoy a glass of wine while creating a beautiful African Lady or Fashion lady sculpture

An afternoon or evening class of 2 hours length. 

Guests bring their own sip of choice and I will provide everything else to make these figures

Cost: Hostess $25 with at least 4 guests.  

Guests $45

You will go home with a lovely sculpture