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Garden Lady

Paverpol is a liquid polymer fabric hardener.  It is used to transform natural materials into whimsical creations which are richly layered with texture and folds. Simply made using wire, tin foil and cotton t-shirts, in no time you can create a beautiful and unique figurine for your home or a garden statue for outdoors.  Paverpol figures, once varnished are weather resistant even in our cold climate.

Fun to make and each one unique and as varied as the individuals creating them.  Let your imagination take you on an adventure of creativity.  Come and explore the possibilities. 

Handcrafted Quality

I first learned this art form in Victoria, BC. where I was living at the time.  I took two classes and was instantly hooked .  I knew I wanted to keep doing these sculptures.  I was even more motivated to continue after I had made a garden lady sculpture for my garden.  I love hearing the admiring comments from others and knowing that I did it myself. The wonderful thing is that the more I made the more inspired I became with new ideas until I finally decided to get my teaching certificate and show others how creative they could be. 

​The classes are very informal and fun.  All you need is an old t-shirt, a roll of tin foil and your imagination. You will become the artist you never believed you were. No talent necessary. 

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Garden  Lady


Sip and sculpt with many options